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Benefits of Financing

Financing provides flexible budget options!

Easy and affordable financing options are available through Hampton Ridge Financial for nearly all child care and learning equipment purchases! Finance purchases as low as $1,500 and up to $250,000+
Easily apply online in minutes and place your order within 1-3 business days!

Why should my organization lease our equipment?

  • Preserve your cash flow for other expenditures and operations
  • Monthly payments make budgeting easier
  • Approximately 8 out of 10 U.S. businesses lease equipment
  • Potential tax advantages: Section 179 tax deductions!
  • You own the equipment at the end of the lease!

How fast does this process work?

  • Get process started through our financing link: Apply Now
  • Approvals are typically ready within one business day or less!
  • Funding in as fast as 1-3 business days

Available Programs/Program Highlights:

  • $0 Down Program Place your order with NO money down!
  • Municipal financing Used/Open box financing available
  • Start-up financing

Click here to apply online

Questions? Contact Carlton today at 866-815-4448
Or email

Effective  cash  flow  management  is  an  extremely  important  element  to  a  successful  business  –  small or large. Equipment  financing  offers  business  owners a  means  to  acquire  equipment  based  on  an operating budget  –  not based on capital or cash on hand.

Financing  equipment  can  help  your  business  survive  the  periodic  volatility  in  our  economy, and  also prepare  you for  the  next  boom.  Navitas Lease Corp  can  help you  manage  your  cash  flow, guard against  obsolescence,  increase financial flexibility and reduce your tax burden. These advantages can apply to most any equipment.

Flexible End of Term Options - There are typically three flexible options at the end of a term. The customer can return  the equipment to Marlin, purchase the equipment from the finance company or extend the financing for an additional  period of time.

To obtain a quick finance quote and submit an online application, CLICK HERE


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